About Our Priest

Father Shenouda's Story

Father Shenouda came to the central coast 3 years ago, in 2017, after our short term priest was summoned to go to another church, Anba Serapion sent Father Shenouda to be our new priest. Father Shenouda is our long term temporary priest, he came from Saint Anthony Monstary in Newberry Springs, CA, where he was a monk there for many many years. Father Shenouda speaks Arabic and English.  

Our Clergy, Pope, and Bishop:

Fr. Shenouda

Priest of Saint Macarius the Great Church

Important Note from Anba Serapion's visit on 4/11/21:

Now that we have our church, Abouna Shenouda's special mission to help us start a church and build/buy a church on the Central Coast of California, has been completed. Anba Serapion will now move with us to the next step of getting a permanent Abouna, a priest to serve us on the Central Coast . This process will happen in the coming months, as we will miss Abouna greatly, when he leaves.

Saint Macarius the Great Coptic Orthodox Church

Contact Information: 

Abouna's Phone number: +1 (760) 267-3366

Church/ Abouna's Email: saintmacariusthegreat@gmail.com

Mail can be sent to: 

Our Church: 598 E Clark Ave, Santa Maria, CA, 93455

Our P.O Box: 7316 Santa Maria, CA 93456

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